Swim Videos

Swim Development: Flip Flop Fun Trick

Swim Baby Swim: Freestyle Stroke

Swim Baby Swim: Is exactly with this 3-year-old did across the pool.

Swim Development/Stroke Development (3 year old)

Swim Development (3 1/2 year old)

Strokes: Freestyle with Bi-Lateral Breathing

Swim Development (20 months)

Swim Development Fun!

Swim Development (17 months)

Swim Baby Swim: Swim Development AMAZING 2-year-old

Happy Infant Survival Swim at (15 months) who claps for her self at end.

Infant Swim: Flip Flop Fun

Stroke Development with Bi-Lateral Breathing.

Swim Baby Swim: Stroke Development

Stroke Development:Breaststroke

Swim Baby Swim: Infant Survival Swim (7months)