Private (In Home) & Adult Lessons

Adult Swim Lessons

These classes are offered for adults who did not learn how to swim as children, adults who would like to improve their stroke technique, and or, adults who are fearful of being in the water. These private lessons and are customized to meet your needs and swimming goals. Lessons are 30 minutes long, meet two times per week on Monday and Wednesday “or” on Tuesday and Thursday, and the tuition is $144 per week.

Private Pool Lessons

We are happy to accommodate private lessons at your own home pool depending on a few requirements and our instructor’s availability. First, we only offer private lessons in Encinitas, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Del Sur, The Crosby, and Rancho Santa Fe. Second, we require that your pool is heated to at least 82 degrees for safety protocols. Lessons are $144 per week, per student. Lastly, there is an added convenience fee of $144 per week in addition to your child’s or children’s weekly tuition for our instructor’s travel time.