A non-refundable fee of $75 is due when you sign up your child for swim lessons and secure your time slot. The registration fee does not go towards the tuition for swim lessons themselves.


Payment for swim lessons is due in full upon registration. You are paying for your child’s swim time slot regardless of how many times you are able to attend swim lessons. If you drop out of lessons before your child’s swim start date then only will the tuition be credited back to you in full.


It is recommended that you arrive at the pool 10 minutes before your time slot in order to have your child ready for their scheduled time slot. Due to a very full lesson schedule, your lesson cannot be guaranteed if you are not on time. If it happens that you are late, of course, I will do my best to fit you in, but again it cannot be guaranteed.


If your child has an illness/injury that results in an extended absence from lessons, please contact me so arrangements can be made. Lessons will NOT be refunded.


Consistent participation is crucial. It will increase the rate of progress and retention of skills. Please keep in mind that missed lessons are not prorated and you pay for all scheduled lessons. *** Instructor cancellations due to pool closures, inclement weather, or an emergency are fully credited back to you or may be rescheduled.


Unless you receive a call/text/email from me for cancellation, assume lessons will continue. If there is light rain or drizzle, bring an umbrella. Instructor cancellations due to heavy rain, lightning, or pool closure are fully credited back to you.


Please have your child use the restroom before their scheduled time slot.


If your child is not 100% toilet trained they must wear a properly fit VINYL SWIM DIAPER. DISPOSABLE DIAPERS DO NOT WORK AND ARE NOT ALLOWED. Protective swim shirts and wetsuits are permitted, but no water shoes. Goggles and swim caps are only allowed for advanced swimmers in the Stroke Development course.

Accidents In Pool

Poopy accidents in a pool from a child who is toilet trained and/or not wearing a properly fit swim diaper that results in pool closure, pool maintenance, and canceled lessons you will be responsible for. The result of the poopy accident includes the fee of pool service and all clients whose swim lessons had to be canceled.


Please do not give your child anything to eat or drink at least 2 hours prior to lessons. No one works well on a full stomach and your child will be working hard. It is recommended that you do not feed your child any apples, pineapples, or peaches for the entire duration of lessons. These foods can cause the buildup of gases in the abdomen leading to distention and discomfort to your child. 


It will happen, but this is normal and will subside as he/she gains skills and confidence in the water. Your child is not traumatized! Please do not focus on the tears, only the progress, and with positive verbal cues, the crying will subside more quickly. It is important to understand that your child is NOT crying because they are hurt or in pain. Crying is a way for a child to express their emotions especially when they are in a new environment and with an instructor they don’t know. Students are challenged physically and cognitively when learning a new life-saving skill. Keep in mind that your child is safe. Just as any parent that has to buckle their child in their car seat, you do this for their safety despite the fact they might cry. The same goes for swim lessons. Children who cry during swim lessons still love to play and swim outside of the swim lesson environment.


Please do not talk to me or your child during lessons. The only thing I should ever hear from a parent is clapping, cheering, or words of praise.

Observing Lessons

Observing your child’s lesson should be from a short distance away. Do not sit close to the pool edge, on the steps, or where you may be a distraction to your child. If I feel you are interfering in swim lessons I may ask you to observe your child’s lessons from a far distance to where they can’t see you.

Before|After Lessons

Your child should not be playing on the steps or swimming in the pool anywhere close to where I’m teaching! I do not want any distractions or interference from your child while I continue to teach other students. Please physically hand me your child when it’s their time to swim and also be ready for me to hand them back to you when their lesson is over.


Water experiences outside of swim lessons along with the use of any flotation device can interfere with your child’s progress in lessons and is strongly not recommended. Please do not swim and or practice skills with your child until they have completed the swim course. You can inadvertently reinforce and shape the wrong behavior without even knowing it.


Permission to video your child’s lesson is only allowed on Thursdays.


Due to a tight swim schedule please refrain from any type of discussion with your instructor before or after lessons that would jeopardize your child’s scheduled swim time. Instead, please email or call your instructor at any time.