Infant Survival

What your child will learn:

  • Breath control
  • Back float (unassisted)
  • Rollover to back float from a face down position in the water.
  • React to 4 different emergency situations encountered in an aquatic environment using rescue techniques to survive.
  • All masted skills will be practiced in Summer and Winter clothes during the last week of swim lessons (upon request).

Format of Swim Lessons

  • 6 week program to master survival skills
  • 4 days per week (Monday through Thursday)
  • Each lesson is for 10 to 15 minutes per day
  • Individualized swim lessons are one-on-one with instructor (parents do not get in the water).
  • Non-Refundable Registration fee of $50.00 is paid upon completion of your registration form.
  • Tuition is $864.00 for 6 weeks.