How is Swim Baby Swim different from other swimming programs?

We have highly skilled and trained swim instructors who all have years of experience teaching and working with children of all ages. All swim lessons are private and one on one with an instructor in order to maximize a child’s learning experience in the water. Every student will learn and master the aquatic skills regardless of their: age, learning disability, temperament, or personality type. We customize and design a lesson plan specifically for every child based on their individual skills and learning style. We have many safety protocols in place to ensure water safety during every lesson.

Will my child actually learn how to swim?

Every child who is 16 months and older will learn to swim a short distance swim with proper breath control. In addition, based on a student’s swimming skills, basic mechanics of various strokes will be fine-tuned and practiced throughout the swim session.

Will my child need additional lessons once they have completed the program?

Swimming is a sensorimotor skill that is ingrained into muscle memory, so once it is learned it is never forgotten. However, children lose their confidence when they are not practicing their skills. So, we do recommend refresher lessons. This is solely based on each unique child depending on their age, how much they have grown, skill level, confidence and how frequently they were able to practice their aquatic skills after completing the program. Refresher lessons are for those children who have not practiced their swimming skills for some time and who have physically and mentally matured. This 2-week secession focuses on adjusting and fine-tuning the previous skills that they mastered while building confidence. For those who want their children to continue practicing, strengthening and building on the skills they mastered we recommend signing up for multiple swim sessions in a row.

Why are lessons 4 days per week?

Aquatic skills are based on our bodies’ sensory-motor skills and are mastered through a muscle memory process. Repetition and consistency are necessary for these skills to be ingrained in the muscular system. Therefore, it is important for a child to get in the water every day, 4 days a week to learn and practice new aquatic skills.

Why are lessons only 15 minutes long?

Studies have shown that a child will learn and retain 98% of the first new information that is presented to them in the first 10 minutes. The retention rate will then drastically decrease every minute thereafter. Therefore, we take full advantage of this window of time when a child is in the water and encourage them to do their best and work hard to maximize their learning experience. The time frame of the lesson is also in place to ensure a safe, effective lesson.  Our core body temperature is 98 degrees and temperature fatigue sets in relatively quickly despite the fact that lessons are held in heated pools. When our bodies are temperature fatigued, physical fatigue sets in and our bodies are not able to perform proficiently when this occurs. 

Why are Stroke Development lessons 30 minutes long and 2 days a week?

Students who are in Stroke Development are older and don’t get temperature fatigued as fast. In addition their lessons are based on verbal instruction, demonstration, practice along with trial and error that requires longer lesson times. Kids who are learning advanced techniques are encouraged to practice on their own the days they are not in lessons.

Why are lessons 6 weeks long?

It takes an average child 6 weeks long to learn and master all of the important life saving aquatic skills. However, every child is different when it comes to age, learning ability, and previously mastered aquatic skills. Therefore, this is a general time frame based on years of experience teaching swim lessons. Some older athletic students may pick up the skills quicker than others. Some students may need longer than 6 weeks.

Do you have children that just can't learn the skills?

Every child can learn these skills. It may take some children longer than others and it’s important that you read and follow all the policies while your child is in swim lessons in order to support their progression and ensure their success.

Why should parents enroll their children in Swim Baby Swim lessons?

The most important reason for enrolling your child in our program is because swimming is the only sport that can save your child’s life. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children ages 1-14, so you need to give your child the chance to not only learn how to swim, but how to survive. It’s never too late to learn an essential life-saving skill and to build confidence that will last a lifetime.

Does the initial $75 non-refundable registration fee go towards the tuition of swim lessons?

No, there is a  non-refundable $75 registration fee that you pay to secure your child’s swim time slot. The registration fee does not go towards the tuition for swim lessons themselves. Payment for the tuition of swim lessons is due in full upon registration.

Is the Parent required to get in the water and participate during their child’s swim lesson?

No, the parent does not get in the water during the swim lesson. Parents sit comfortably poolside, where they can view the lesson and praise their child during their instruction. Upon request, during the last week of swim lessons a parent, or caregiver is welcome to get in the water and learn how to practice with their child.

* Will my child develop a fear of the water if they are crying during lessons?

The majority of young children will cry for a variety of reasons, but they will NOT be traumatized! Crying is normal and will subside as he/she gains skill and confidence in the water. Those who cry in lessons will still love to play and swim with their parents outside of lessons.

What is a Pre-Competitive Swim Team?

The foundation of the Pre-Competitive Swim Team is to teach students the basics of how to swim with an organized team. With the goal of introducing our students to the basics of a competitive swim team, while still offering a high level of individual attention and support. This is fun and motivating for kids who are ready to put to use all they’ve learned from private lessons with us!

Why join our Swim Team?

Other Swim Teams for kids and young adults in San Diego have large group sizes with 15+ swimmers in the water at a time. Oftentimes newcomers who are unfamiliar with the etiquette of Organized Swimming are often left behind to figure it out on their own or with limited support. In our Pre-Competitive Swim Team, we’ll teach your child everything they need to know and prepare them for a competitive swim team. Students that jump right into a Competitive Swim Team get discouraged because they have not learned the next level of swimming when it comes to competitions. Therefore, this class is to help transition our students from private lessons to competitive swimming with a team.